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A deceptively cute hard-core platformer where you will die all the time, All The Time ! Die; keep trying.

You play the character ‘I’ who has lost all of his friends — his friends being the other 25 letter of the English alphabet — and must help win them back by completing 75 highly challenging levels.

Key Features:

  • Switching mechanic; change forms between small ‘i’ and big ‘I’ this affects the worlds around you and also give you an extra jump (not to be confused with double jump)
  • “Aww, so cute” main characters
  • Dynamic world elements which respond to your current state.
  • Split second decision making, you will have to keep your twitch reflexes sharp
  • Minimalist 2D ambient art style
  • Unique level progression, all levels of a world are at your disposal, complete just 10 levels to unlock a new world
  • 5 distinctive worlds, each having their own theme, dynamics, enemies and challenges that complement the player controls learnt right from the start
  • Speedruns, insanely difficult speedruns to test your nerves/rage/reflexes (Remember, you can always skip and come back to these later)
  • Puzzles, occasionally apart from reflexes, your puzzle solving skills will be put to the test

This game is hard, really hard! You’ve been warned.

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* The Linux Build should be considered as a beta (both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures are supported as of now)


Buy Now$6.99 USD or more

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Version 2
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Version 1
switch-or-die-trying-osx.zip 82 MB
Version 1

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We are really happy to be launching on itch.io  and as a welcome gift, are offering the first 50 buyers the game at a never before seen price of 3.99$
Additionally if you've missed this, then do visit us again for the Holiday sale.
Thank you.

Loads of love form India.

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This image looks confusing.

Can you add inner shadow/ outer shadow to those deactivated outlines? So players can know which part is solid or not.

Hi buckle2000,
Thanks for the feedback and suggestion, will discuss with the team and consider this for a future update.
*But I wouldn't hold my breath for this change :-)

Thanks again.


(1 edit)

Hey, I know you wanted to do a limited run at the $3.99, however people often don't scroll down to special rewards for a price reduction.  It would be a really good idea to instead run it as a time limited sale using itch.io tools so people see up and front it is regularly $9.99 but for.. say 2 days it is $3.99

That way more people will click through, as itch market is very small for higher priced games.

Hey thanks for the suggestions,
We were wondering on how to fit this in with the holiday season, guess we'll activate the holiday discount right away.

And yes I do agree the game is priced high for itch, but I guess some Steam rules discourage having different pricing on different stores,
we may consider having a uniform price drop sometime later.

Thanks a lot for the feedback, appreciate it.